Saturday, November 15, 2008

Python workshop at RVCE

Oh, it's almost 5 months I have written anything in my journal! Well, there
is no specific reason for that :) But, now I can't stop writing this.
I am just coming back from a two day Python workshop conducted at R.V
College of Engineering, Bangalore

More than 50+ students attended this program. This was my first
experience conducting a workshop. Thanks to Renuka Prasad and his
students for organizing this workshop. Five of my colleagues and
my friend Jayesh accompanied me, thanks to all.

The program was well organized. Students were sitting in two near
by computer labs. The labs also was well equipped. They provided
projectors and audio support in both halls. My friends were walking
from one desktop to another, without them it won't be impossible
for me to conduct this. Thanks to ZeOmega for allowing 5 persons
to accompany me for this workshop.

I have some pictures also:

1. Ready to start !

2. In action.

3. Ok, everything is fine.

4. With Jayesh.

5. My right and left wings.

6. With Renuka Prasad and Jayesh.